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Me in bullet points

  • Well over a decade of work experience (including agile development).

  • Broadly educated (game & level design, computer science, math, philosophy, concept development, branding, teamwork).

  • Life-long passion for games and puzzles.

    • Keen eye for details and polish, as well as for the big picture.

    • Analytical mind and documented high IQ.

    • Creative in many ways (published musician, salsa dancer & performer, photographer, writer, etc).

    • Dedicated to personal and professional self-improvement.

    • Open, honest, friendly, and easy to work with!

    Key skills

    • Game Design
    • Level Design
    • Design Theory
    • Visual Scripting
    • Communication

    I've worked at...

    • Tarsier Studios
    • Star Vault
    • The Astonishing Tribe
    • SAAB

    I've studied at...

    • The Game Assembly
    • Hyper Island
    • Lund University & Faculty of Engineering

    I've interned at...

    • Southend Interactive
    • MTG Modern Games