Individual Student Project - "Infested Fuel Station" - Alien Horror FPS Concept

Alpha Overview Part 1

The player arrives by spaceship at a seemingly abandoned fuel station in search for a sorely needed fuel refill.

Initially, the player has no weapon.

Through exploration, locked doors and blocked paths lead the player to a security station where a control panel unlocks all of the locked doors.

Alpha Overview Part 2

But oh no! When the doors are unlocked, alien bugs appear! With no gun to fight off the bugs, the player is forced to run away.

Bugs block previous paths, but unlocked doors enable a new path, leading the player back to a previously locked room where a gun is found.

Using this gun, the player can now shoot at an explosive fuel barrel which clears rubble from a blocked path, allowing access to the Fuel Hall.

Alpha Overview Part 3

In the fuel hall, the player finds a control panel activating the fuel pump, refuelling the ship. Mission accomplished! But... The way into the fuel hall was a one-way - how to get out?

The fuel pump also activated a conveyor belt of explosive fuel barrels. Through a simple environmental puzzle of correctly configuring the direction of the conveyor, the player can place a barrel near some rubble, blowing it up and clearing a path out of the hall through a raised walkway.

But oh no! The walkway collapses, throwing the player back down into the bug-infested corridors! Now armed with a gun, the player can fight their way through the bugs and back to the ship, and escape to safety.